Defective Products Are Out There, what if I Become a Victim of One?

defective product lawyer

Mistakes in mass manufacturing are made more often than we would expect, and all over the world. As much as the manufacturing companies want to catch all faulty products, they can’t be 100% perfect. These defective products are shipped out and end up in the homes of people worldwide. 

So what if you are a victim of a defective product? What does that mean for you, what steps should you take?

Here is what to do when you become a victim of defective products. 

First, stop using the product immediately

Despite your effort, achieving perfection in manufacturing is expensive and rarely achievable. This way, you might fall victim to these faulty products on the market. 

When you fall victim or these products, the first step is to stop using them immediately. The sooner you stop, the lower the chances of hurting yourself. 

And if the worst happens and you get injured, you can take action against the responsible parties. The manufacturer’s negligence can arise from:

  • Failure to carry effective tests.
  • A fault during the manufacturing process.
  • Failure to provide warnings. 
  • Failure to perform due diligence before launching the product. 

You can contact a reliable consumer rights attorney to inquire about the entity or who might be responsible for any injuries caused by defective products, TX

Find/check your receipt or proof of purchase

Keeping receipts or any proof of purchase is essential. It’s not only evidence, but it also provides you with vital information about the manufacturer, item numbers, make, usage, among many others. 

With the item number and make, you can research the product to get invaluable information from other consumers. Get to know if other clients have been harmed and what action they took. 

The pattern of consumer issues with the given product indicates its defectiveness.

Return the defective product

If you notice the product is defective, the immediate action is to return it. Check the company’s return policy to know the right action to take. Some companies have a 30 -60-day return policy. 

Some retailers offer a full refund or a replacement. Some may repair the faulty product, especially if it’s a new item. 

It’s, therefore, essential to check the return policy when buying a product. More so, check the warranty period. It’s advisable to purchase items with more than a 1-year warranty. 

Get in touch with an attorney

If a faulty or defective product injures you or your loved one, you may file a lawsuit against the responsible party. The two major categories of defective products are manufacturing and design defects. 

If you have taken the appropriate action without any results, you may hire a consumer rights attorney. The lawyer will help you navigate the lawsuit process. In addition to getting compensated, filing a lawsuit is an effective way to stop the manufacturer from producing and selling defective products. 

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